Looking to expand your herd? Look no further! I often buy in bulk and sell extras at cost; here's what I have right now:


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You can also buy directly from their respective sources: ConFoo & Le Foo du Roi, inPHPinity, Magento, OpenGoodies, PHParchitect & Laravel, PhpDay, PHP Classes, Sylius, Thelia, Upinside, Yomeva, and others
Awesome, let's meet up! DM @TimB0nd or email me to set it up.

Awesome, looking forward to seeing you there! DM @TimB0nd or email me to set it up.

In that case it will cost you $0! I'll happily trade your selection for these or any of my duplicates. I'm looking for the following trades:

DM @TimB0nd or email me with the details.